Triton electric shower installation

The Main Course - Installation Step-by-Step Videos (Now including head-cam close up views) Get hands on and learn how to fit our most popular products, including our ease of installation range of electric, mixer and digital showers...plus many more! View the two playlists below for traditional step-by-step installation videos and our NEW head ....

I have an electric shower unit to install, it's a fairly basic Triton and a near like-for-like swap. Cold water and power entry at the same points. Sort of thing I might have done.

Triton Silent Running TAS2000SR Power Shower Features: Comes complete with white/chrome shower Kit. Thermostatic peace of mind - Consistently holds water temperature regardless of changes to water pressure. Adjustable maximum temperature stop - Reduces the risk of accidentally turning the temperature too high. Large 3 mode, rub clean shower head..

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1.1 The electrical rating of the shower is shown on the rating label (Fig.3) within the unit. 2 Before making any sort of electrical connection within the installation make sure that no terminal is live. If in any doubt, switch off the whole installation at the mains supply and remove the correct fuse.. Triton Showers - http://www.tritonshowers.comA short video showing how to install the T80Z Fast-Fit and replace the Triton T80xrIf you've ever struggled to r.

Triton Enrich. Entry level showers at a basic price but they are reliable with simple straight forward dials giving an affirmative click when turned. Very little to go wrong on these little units. Will.

Triton Fast Fit Electric Shower 8.5KW Ideal size and shape for replacement installations|Rub clean shower head with five different spray patterns|Stylish riser rail kit with adjustable fixing.

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